January 23, 2013 at 12:13 PM

After a month or so of beta testing, we’ve just launched a new section of our site called Community Deals.  Here are the details on the new features, and some links to help you get started.

What is Community Deals?

Community Deals provides a way for Camel users to discover and vote on products which they think are good deals.  The products people submit to Community Deals are listed by day, with the highest-ranked products at the top of the list.  Our hope is that the most interesting deals float to the top of the list, making Community Deals a constantly evolving list of deals that will be useful and interesting to participate in and browse.

How to Use it


Adding a deal to the list is easy.  If a product is eligible – it has to be in stock and sold directly by Amazon, and the price needs to be within 5% of our lowest recorded price for the product – just click the thumbs up icon at the top of the product page and the product will appear in the Suggested Deals list.

Once a product is in that list, other users can vote on it.  If it receives enough votes, it will appear in the Latest Deals and/or Hot Deals list.  The former is a list of deals that have a minimum score, and the latter is a list of the best deals in our system.


What’s Next?

We have a lot of ideas for Community Deals.  First of all, we want to make it easier to submit products, and will be adding the thumbs up button in various places around the site; anywhere we think there’s a good deal, we’ll show the thumb.

Depending on how you use it, we may also make Suggested Deals a list which is automatically populated and provides a list of potential deals for users to up-vote.

We plan to implement these and other changes over the next few weeks / months, so expect lots of changes in the near future!  And if you’ve got any suggestions or bug reports, please contact us!  We love hearing from our users.

Try It!

Here are some links to Community Deals in each locale we support.

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